Friday, September 24, 2010

Go terms!

Ok, when I first started playing Go/baduk/Weiqi I was constantly trying to find out the meanings of all these weird words people throw around! So every day or so I'll be posting a word or two here for my readers! If you know it good, if you don't it's even better!

First one is something most people over 15 years old have heard before.

Atari! Atari, said just how you think if you're an old school geek gamer, is the state of a stone, or group of stones, only have one liberty and thus is in risk on getting captured with one additional move.

The next word is Joseki!

Joseki is a set sequence of stones played by both opponents that give an equal result. The trouble is, it's only an equal result on an empty board. Picking the right joseki for your current board is the hard part, especially when there is well over 30000 common joseki's! But knowing about 10-15 will really help, so get learning them, but more importantly learn why the moves are played!

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