Saturday, September 25, 2010

Go Terms 2!

Ok, today I'll be bring you  more terribly useful knowledge about go terms! Todays two are Tesuji and Tsumego!

We'll start off with Tesuji. Tesuji is a collective term for a clever and correct, yet not always obvious, local play. There are many different tesuji, from the simple things like Nets (geta in Japanese) and Ladders (Shishio) to more complex and harder things like playing under the stones and Squeeze tesuji. Apparently to get beyond a certain level a good foundation in Tesuji is necessary. I'm not sure what it is, but at any level learning a few Tesuji will help you out!

Tsumego is something that every Go player needs to learn about, as it is of vital importance to your progression as a Go player. Tsumego are Life and Death problems. They train your reading skill, your ability to spot shape moves, and generally make Go easier. For a long time I focused on strategic concepts of Go and, whilst I improved, it was very slow. I would suggest to everyone out there that if you want to play Go and get better, you should set aside a few minutes a day for Tsumego. A great site for this is
 it's free and if you sign up it will save your progress. I suggest you turn the sound down, as it gets a bit annoying after awhile.

Coming soon: Hopefully I'll find a way to show go games to you guys from this blog. Then i'll get some problems and nifty things to show you guys!

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