Sunday, September 26, 2010

Arg! A giant Slope! Taisha Joseki

The taisha joseki has thousands of variations, all of them complex and aggressive. If you want to use the Taisha, start studying now! Also, learn to love the fight.

Here's an SGF with the start of the Taisha Joseki for those of you who don't know it, and a way to get out of it =]

(;W[pe]C[Oh noes. Here comes the evil!]
;B[oe]C[This is where the Taisha can split off into many different variants. If you're going to play this Joseki, you better have lots of confidence in your fighting skills. ])
(;W[oc]C[This is a move that avoids the complications of the Taisha entirely. ]
;W[mc]C[Apparently it's a little better for black. And it should be, if white didn't want to play the taisha, he shouldn't of played q17


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